Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sharepoint and TFS

I've been doing some work with Sharepoint (WSS 2.0) lately in an effort to improve online collaboration with the team at work. I've found that meeting workspaces are a convenient way to manage meeting agenda, attendees, documents, discussion and tasks.

However, I'd really like my WSS tasks and shared document libraries to integrate with TFS. Meeting workspaces are a  great way to capture information but TFS offers some advantages for work item tracking and version control. Apparently help is at hand!

There is a project on CodePlex to build a TFS Migration and Synchronization Toolkit. The toolkit includes samples that convert data from WSS to TFS. One sample migrates and synchronizes data between a WSS Shared Document Library and TFS version control. Another sample migrates and synchronizes data between a WSS Task List and TFS work items.

The toolkit can also be used to integrate many other systems with TFS. I haven't downloaded the toolkit and tried it out yet so I'm happy to receive comments from anyone who has experience.

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