Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Philips 3D Display

Philips has created a new display technology for 3D visualization without the need for 3D glasses. The technology is conceptually simple, involving a sheet of transparent lenses interfaced with a liquid crystal display. The sheet causes both of your eyes to view a slightly different image and your brain perceives these differences as depth.

Of course, 3D technology isn't really new at all. Philips have simply packaged  a solution that is targeted at advertisers and video gamers. Don't expect to get 3D HDTV any time soon. This technology is dependent on a digital signal processor that combines a regular 2D image with a depth map before rendering. Regular 2D video cannot be shown in 3D without a depth map. However, Philips have created an OpenGL control that extracts depth information from existing 3D models so that they can be viewed in 3D.

Click here for more information on Philips 3D products.

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