Saturday, September 1, 2007

Doctor International

I was recently reminded of a developer I worked with several years ago at Boeing named Jim Bunting. Jim has moved up the chain these days and now works as a contracts manager but back then he was a gun MFC developer. Jim is a great guy and I'll always remember the time he was mistaken for the infamous John Bunting from Snowtown in South Australia.

Jim had a standard response whenever I had a programming question: "... open the MSDN and ask Dr. GUI". In case you haven't met Dr. GUI, he was the author of a regular column in the MSDN and posted some interesting articles, including this one on Conway's Game of Life. The articles are quite useful if you're learning to program with the .NET framework.

However, it turns out that Dr. GUI is not alone! Dr. International has a similar column on the Global Development Portal. If you're a little confused about Windows Multilanguage User Interface (MUI), I suggest reading this Dr. International article.

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