Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Add-Ins for .NET Reflector

There are a number of useful .NET Reflector Add-Ins published up on CodePlex. I tried out BamlViewer today, which allows you to reflect assemblies containing BAML resources and browse the corresponding XAML. Pretty handy if you're working with WPF.


Another Add-In you should know about is Reflexil. This tool allows you to hack the IL inside a loaded assembly and then write the changes to disk.  You can do the same job with a tool called PERWAPI, which is very useful for writing front-end .NET compilers. But Reflexil just makes it so much easier...


Another Add-In I need to checkout is Diff. This tool allows you to compare code differences between assemblies. I wonder if it works for embedded resources? If it does, this little Add-In could be very useful as a sanity check during localization.


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