Friday, August 29, 2008

Love and Marriage

I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life last weekend. Just a small taste because this is a tech blog after all...


Understanding WPF Routed Events

Did you know that MouseDown is a bubble event and PreviewMouseDown is a tunnel event? Bubble and tunnel are actually two of the available Routing Strategies used by Routed Events in WPF. If you think of a user interface as a hierarchy of visual elements, bubble events propagate from a source element up the the visual tree until they are either handled or reach the root element. Tunnel events go in the opposite direction, starting at the root element and traverse down the element tree until they are handled or reach the source element for the event. These concepts are key to understanding WPF Routed Events.

There is a great article in the current edition of MSDN Magazine about Routed Events and Routed Commands. Read it for a better understanding of these two WPF technologies.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Visual Studio 2008 Sp1

Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 have shipped! Get your download here...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Live Mesh Tech Preview

You've probably already heard about Live Mesh but you may not know that there is a tech preview available. Take the tour to learn more before trying it out. Certainly an interesting way to synchronise and share files between your computers and with your friends. A college pointed out that Apple have a similar system called MobileMe. I wonder whether Live Mesh uses an operational transform to enable group editing of mesh documents? Changes to documents are synchronised using FeedSync, which is an extension of RSS and Atom.