Friday, September 19, 2008

Aeros Craft

Check this out. Lighter than air?

Windows Mobile 6

HTC-TyTNII I just bought a HTC TyTN II with Windows Mobile 6. It's really more like a PC than a mobile phone so I don't think I'll SMS anymore; just check my facebook status if you want to know what I'm doing! Anyway, I mostly bought it for the integrated GPS and mapping.

I'm told that Google Maps for Mobile works really well on this device (thanks Kristian) but I won't know until I get the phone because it needs to install a client. I've had a quick look at but I don't think it can give audible driving directions. If either of these don't work out, there's always Garmin Mobile XT. I also have a Garmin Nuvi so I'll write another post to compare the mapping and satellite navigation capabilities.

My previous phone was a Samsung BlackJack and I seriously considered upgrading to the BlackJack 2. The new Samsung also runs Windows Mobile 6, includes GPS, a slim and lightweight design, QWERTY keypad and great battery life. However, the proprietary connector for charge and USB is a real pain and without Wi-Fi, the decision to buy the TyTN II was pretty easy.

Now, all I need to complete my nerd disguise is a phone belt-pouch and pocket protector. I'm pretty sure they have those at the Microsoft campus store.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Microsoft Search Server 2008

Now you can download and use Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express for free. All you need is a Windows 2003 or 2008 server and you can start indexing all your content. If you like the free version but need more advanced capabilities, you might want to check out Enterprise Search from Microsoft.

Microsoft Mediaroom

So I was chatting to my boss today about Microsoft Mediaroom. Basically, Microsoft has created a system that enables digital television over IP. So what's the big deal with that? It means you can receive digital television via DSL with software decoding plus upstream that enables you to customise your viewing experience. BT and AT&T have both signed up to Mediaroom, with BT allowing you to use your Xbox to connect to the latest games and multimedia.

Check it out...


Looking to watch TV through your web browser? FANCAST has full TV episodes and movies that you can watch on demand. FANCAST is provided by COMCAST, one of the major US pay TV providers, and therefore has access to FOX, Disney, Showtime and many other networks. I'm interested to know whether FANCAST is available from outside the US. Drop me a comment either way.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Microsoft Campaign

"Just because a design uses inheritance and polymorphism, doesn't make it a good design." - Bill Gates

If you haven't seen it yet, here's the new Microsoft Commercial staring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Visual Studio 2008 Product Comparison


I needed to install Visual Studio 2008 at work today and one of the perks of working for MS is that you have full access to all the company's software (excluding video games sadly). So I was browsing through the list of Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) editions and was a little confused about the difference between VSTS 2008 Developer Edition and VSTS 2008 Test Edition. So I looked up the product comparison and realised that I really wanted VSTS 2008 Team Suite Edition, which includes everything. But if you don't have the same luxury, take a closer look at the product comparison to decide which version you need. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My first day at Windows

So I've started work with the RDP team in Building 6 at Microsoft's Silicon Valley Campus (SVC).  The campus originally consisted of five buildings but another was added off site as an after thought. There's a five minute walk down the street to get to the cafeteria and Starbucks at lunch time but it's a pleasure to get outside in the California sun.


We share the building with Microsoft Research so there's a bit of competition for the foosball table throughout the day. Otherwise, they've given me a nice little office that I've been trying to make my own. Thanks to Alex and Virginia for the digital photo frame and for Isaac's painting.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google Chrome

So Google have a browser now...


Some Fun with F#

Chris Smith has blogged about an artillery game that illustrates some aspects of F# with WPF. Click here to take a look. It's pretty cool that you can define units of measure and determine the units for calculated values. If only NASA had this technology back in 1999...

Here's a good article on F# in MSDN Magazine if you'd like an overview.