Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Windows Server Directions

So I hope everyone knows that Windows 7 is approaching Beta and if you're lucky enough to participate in the Windows TAP or to attend PDC or WinHEC, you'll get an early glimpse of the new features in this latest release. Everyone else outside MS will have to wait for the public Beta or RTM.

The Windows 7 source is compiled into server and client editions so you can expect to see staged releases for both of these products in the near future. If you'd like a better understanding of where the server edition is heading, I can recommend this excellent whitepaper over on the WHDC portal.

I think Windows XP users will be really impressed with Windows 7 client. Rest assured that MS has listened to your feedback and has made some subtle changes that deliver outstanding performance, rock solid security, and a great user experience. If you've been holding off on Windows Vista, you'll want to take a look at Windows 7.

Head on over to the unofficial Windows 7 News site for news, rumors and dubious screenshots. :D

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