Saturday, February 28, 2009

Visual Studio Gallery

The MSDN team recently launched a new web site called the Visual Studio Gallery, which is basically a portal to help you find products and extensions related to Visual Studio. Most of the posted products are commercial third party but others have been developed on CodePlex and similar open source portals. I did a quick search and found information of NDepend, Resharper and GhostDoc. However, .NET Reflector was surprisingly absent so perhaps the folks at Red Gate Software are a little slow off the mark. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that Mindscape has published their cool WPF Property Grid on the gallery.

It’s also interesting to observe that Lutz Roeder is no longer working on Reflector and has sold the rights to the source. Perhaps he no longer has bandwidth within the Expression Blend team to work on this must-have .NET tool. However, it’s more likely that Red Gate made an offer he couldn’t refuse. Reflector appears to still be available as a free download but this may change some time in the future.

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