Monday, February 2, 2009

Where next for Windows 7?

So you may have downloaded and installed the Windows 7 Beta in recent weeks and if you have, you’ll no doubt be thinking about the RTM and wondering when it will become available. You can read the latest from Steven Sinofsky over on the e7blog. In his own words… “The answer is forthcoming”.

Basically, the Windows 7 team is currently improving build quality based on feedback from Beta testing. With the RC milestone just around the corner, much of the focus will move towards ecosystem readiness in preparation for the RTM and General Availability. So there’s still a bit of work required to round out the release. However, if you’ve been using the Beta, you’ve probably noticed that Windows 7 is already feature complete.

On a related topic, Internet Explorer 8 is now at RC1 and available for download. If you have one of the Beta builds, I recommend installing RC1 because you’ll experience far fewer page compatibility issues. Page load time is also significantly improved for many sites.

If you haven’t tried Internet Explorer 8, now is a good time to start. Take a look at some of these videos to preview the new features.

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