Saturday, February 28, 2009

Windows Phones

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer during a press conference during a Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Photo: MicrosoftSo it’s official, later this year you’ll be able to buy a Windows Phone. Steve Ballmer released details at the Mobile World Congress earlier this month. HTC and LG are both making phones that run Windows Mobile 6.5, which has a more touch friendly interface and includes a vastly improved web browser.

There will also be an online phone app store and phone services that allow you to securely manage your phone content on the web. The phone service is a major step forwards and means that when you get a new phone, you don’t have to mess around with migrating your contacts. It also opens the possibility that Live ID contacts (or even Facebook friends) can automatically update their contact and presence information.

My only question is, will HTC release a Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM Upgrade for the HYTNII? If not, I’ll be up for a new phone.

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